Oh yes, I want spam…


Of course I don't WANT spam. But it’s practically unavoidable these days. For example, last night I was trying to order something on the Internet, and there it was – the dreaded "negative option".

In other words, rather than allowing you to check a button that says "yes. I want to be on your mailing list", it is already checked and it's up to you to uncheck it. If you don't uncheck it, or miss it, you're on the list by default (that's why they call it negative option).

Back to last night. The checkout page was a mess and every time I hit the submit button (three times), it gave me a new message, first, "please mark the required field", okay, did that. Then "please re-enter a password", okay pretty sure I already did that. THEN, "please verify your email address" DOH. By the third try, I realized that some of the fields did not automatically re-populate after I got the error message. Hmm. What rocket scientist built this prehistoric site I wonder.

So now I am checking really hard, and notice the "yes I want to be on your mailing list " box also defaults to a checked box each and every time you come back to that page. That really pissed me off because there is no reason to make the default checked every time. And you know if they get you on the list – you are NEVER getting off. You can send 100 replies, tell them to “take me off your fucking list”. Nope. And then, you run out of time. You get tired, and resolve yourself to forwarding the shit right to your trash.

But you know what? It still feels like they fucking won.