Hairy and scary. Part I

Why do so many men insist on wearing one long hairy hedge over their eyes? The dreaded "unibrow" appears to be the result of men’s unwillingness to learn how to properly groom their often massive brows. Gentleman, get with it. Unless you want to look like Bert here, a unibrow is simply not appealing to anyone.

Good grooming isn’t an affront to your masculinity. Really. Any woman, wife, girlfriend (or gay guy if you are secure enough) can help. Or, you could actually go to a salon where they can offer you options from plucking to waxing.

However, please DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME before getting some assistance. Because the only thing worse than a unibrow, is the perfectly clean dissection of a unibrow, resulting in an un-naturally hard edged, wide space which just happens to be exactly the width of a Gillette razor. This leaves you with eyebrows that look as if they were cut out and pasted on your head – again, not a good look.

Think about it. If people aren't getting real close to you, maybe it’s because they fear one of your wild unibrow hairs will poke their fucking eye out.


At 11:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Nice. I just recently started helping my boyfriend out with this. I'm happy to say he was quite receptive. He even let me go after those dreaded nose hairs!

At 9:39 AM, Blogger Kerstin said...

And what do you say to a girl with this same problem??? I mean really, girls are born with the genes to correct this can you just NOT care??

At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol...eyebrows are soo tricky. i'm cursed with very fine, thin hair. So one extra pluck in the wrong can lead to a heart attack for me.

It pisses me off to see guys who have some of the most workable, great looking eyebrows...and they do nothing with them. seriously, I kamikaze attack my boyfriend with tweezers every once and awhile (unibrow). lazy bastards.


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