The envelope please...

"Just Don't" Contest Winners.

You people rock, this was really hard. So I asked a group of my piker friends to help me choose, and we decided to also give two second place prizes as well. It was really tough, but the winners are:

First Prize: $50 Gift Certificate to

KK said...

"Just don't... Buy a bluetooth wireless headset. You're really not that important, no one wants to hear any of your personal and/or business related conversations, you look like a freaking alien & you appear totally stupid talking to yourself everywhere you go".

Second Prize (tie): $25 Gift Certificate to

Skwerly said...

"Just don't: Regale a newly pregnant woman with tales of your friend who just had a miscarriage".

Second Prize (tie): $25 Gift Certificate to

Divine Bird said...

"Just Don't... Offer advice about something I've researched very thoroughly, of which you have little to no understanding. No, PublishAmerica is NOT a good idea if I want to sell my novel. No, I can NOT make my money back by making that garment/piece of furniture/etc and selling it. No, I do NOT have the skills or desire to turn X hobby into a moneymaking venture."

This was fun and I will positively do it again. Winners, to claim your prize submit you email address in a post, I will NOT publish it, and I will email you a gift code.

Thanks for all the great entries and for reading. Suggestions for the next contest welcome :)


At 3:27 AM, Blogger tksinclair said...

Congratulations to the winners! That was fun and happened to be the first time I visited this blog. There were some terrific answers and not a single solitary one applied to me! (Well, sort of. Kind of. Well, let's just say MOST didn't apply to me!) Thanks for the fun.

At 7:38 PM, Blogger Divine Bird said...

oh wow! I totally missed that I won. :D hurrah! Thank you!


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